The horizon becomes a line, the line, a river that flows through time with intimacy and grace within us, and asks us to see, to love and to ask why.

Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, 2018

Materials: Juniper wood, Pinyon pine pitch, limestones, glass jar, Ponderosa pine pollen, cow collagen casing

A mission of the Grand Canyon Trust is to safeguard the Colorado Plateau from destructive uranium mining. Originally, this installation was going to be a symbolic history of the House Rock Valley and the historic Kane Ranch within that spreads across that valley. While setting up the installation, it became a symbol of the geological history of the valley and Grand Canyon, and human's attempt to alter it in a destructive manner. The greater ecosystem of Grand Canyon has much to offer us. As humans, we have a choice to either leave or take its gifts. By leaving, no harm can be done. By taking, we and all that the Canyon offers will pay a price.