Drawing on Nature

Kendall Gallery, Kendall School of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2004

Materials: prepared deer manikin with deer head, 11 drawing horses with drawing boards and pads, Red pine logs

Designed specifically for the Kendall College of Art & Design, this interactive installation combined two important themes in my work, both of which I have been exploring since I was an undergraduate: my love and passion for figure drawing (culture), and my concern for the local environments we each live in (nature). In this work, the prepared female deer, a symbol of nature, replaced the human female model. 

Viewers were invited to sit at the drawing horses and draw the deer. Individual art students and their professors were also invited to sit and draw as well, and then share their drawings with others, by hanging them up on the opposite side of the gallery for viewers to look at. My hope was that my investigation into the conceptual and the environmental would enlarge and clarify the definitions we associate with the idea of drawing.