School of Music, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

Materials: wooden boxes painted and gilded with gold leaf.  Spring contains an Abert squirrel skeleton, peeled twigs, and pine pitch balls.  Summer contains test tubes of oil, coal slurry, and crushed yellow cake, baby bottle nipples with a corn seed, and a deer vertebae.  Autumn contains a deer skull, pine pitch, a wire, and acorns.  Winter contains shelled corn, disposable diapers with a blue corn seed, and a full baby deer skeleton    

These four boxes are part of a larger series of work, with each box inspired by a place-based, site-specific installation that I have designed and created. My desire was to create smaller box-like sculptures (96" H x 4" W that would fit from the floor to the ceiling in most rooms of a common house) based on these past installations and using similar materials. The four boxes displayed here are from the first five that I built, and each box is named after one of the seasons: springsummer, autumnwinter.