Institution of the Crib

Coconino Center for the Arts in Flagstaff, AZ, 2001

Materials: plywood, paint, collage, pine pitch, gold leaf, coyote skeleton, blanket, string

This installation was based on Giotto’s fresco, Institution of the Crib.  Laying inside the crib was the focal point of the installation - a full coyote skeleton taking the place of the Christ child.  Fine red stigmata lines rose from the feet and heart of the coyote to a Gothic crucifix.  The four panels of the crib were painted with scenes from the life of Christ: at the foot, a Madonna and Child, at the back, the Descent into the Tomb set against the backdrop of a nuclear test site, and the life of St. Francis: his encounter with the wolf of Gubbio, and his preaching the gospel to the birds.