Drawing on Nature

Kendall Gallery, Kendall School of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2004

Materials: prepared deer manikin with deer head, 11 drawing horses with drawing boards and pads, Red pine logs

Designed specifically for the Kendall College of Art & Design, this installation combines two important themes in my work, both of which I have been exploring since I was an undergraduate: my love and passion for figure drawing (culture), and my concern for the local environments we each live in (nature).  In this work, the prepared female deer, a symbol of nature, has taken the place of a female model. 

My hope is that all viewers - especially students and classes - will take time to draw from the model and share their perceptions by hanging them up for others to see.  I also hope that my investigation into the conceptual and the environmental will enlarge and clarify the definitions we associate with the idea of drawing.